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At Efplaston we create mainly handmade jewelry, making sure each piece of jewelry is as special and unique as you are. Here you will find the creation for you or for a loved one.

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15.00 with VAT 24%

Abstract shape from aged wrought copper and enamel detail.100% handmade.


14.00 with VAT 24%

Naturally oxidized copper and brass earrings complete the beautiful boat.


25.00 with VAT 24%

The mixed technique of aged copper and brass (5cm), all by hand, hanging on a thick chain with mother of pearl decoration.


13.00 with VAT 24%

Knitted ring all by hand with a pearl in the center with brass wire or silver plated. Variable size.

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Excellent job! Unique result in what I got!
Fast service and shipping!

Zafeiris Meliakos

Perfect Job. Very good quality. Thank you very much!

Marina Bogiari

Wonderful work, with imagination and above all with consistency and professionalism.

Aggeliki Nousia